• Avianna Lemonier

Wild, Wild West (A Collection of Poetry)

Updated: Apr 19

Wild, Wild West (A Collection of Poetry) by Avianna Lemonier

Chapter 1

It was a Sunday afternoon

The kind that lovers dream of

Safe in the shelter of home

With nowhere to go and nothing to do

Nestled beneath blankets

Fingers intertwined

Loving embraces and long stares

And the quiet of the approaching evening

Suddenly, it all came crashing down

Angry shouts and the sound of approaching horses

Front doors swinging open

Unfriendly faces invading their space

In less than an hour

Her dreams shattered

Her future snatched away

Her lover shot dead on the front porch

Chapter 2

For weeks, she didn't move

She didn't eat

She stayed on the bedroom floor

Crying and clutching her hair in her fists

She cried until she felt sick

She clawed at the sheets

Her heart was broken

Her soul was shattered

She found the first trigger

Searching through his clothes

Desperate for some reminder

Of the way he smelled

That's when her hand

Ran across a smooth, loaded revolver

And a note with someone's initials

Two things that seemed to be waiting just for her

Chapter 3

She knew how to shoot a gun

He'd taught her when they first met

His hand on her waist

His other hand guiding her fingers around the trigger

She knew how to shoot without missing

But she didn't know who her first target was

But she started packing anyway

Because justice needed to be served and it was waiting for her to make the first move

Chapter 4

He had secrets

She knew that

But she didn't care

He was still hers

He was still the same man that she swore she'd never stop loving

The same man she swore she'd follow to the ends of the earth

Now she was following his hidden trail

To avenge the death that had torn them apart forever

Chapter 5

On the day that she set out

She wrapped his shirt around her body

Tucking in the loose fabric into her pants

Tightening his gun holster around her hips

In a way that would have been romantic

She took his hat and placed it on her head

Then she took his horse

And made her way toward town

Chapter 6

She was a quiet woman

She kept to herself

He didn't

But she did

So when she made her way into town

No one recognized her

Which made it all the more easy

For her to ride through the bustling street, searching

She rode until she found herself

At the door of a business

With a sign that mirrored the initials

That she had found in the note next to the revolver

She stepped down off the horse

And guided it to the other side of the street

Then she made her way toward the business

And cautiously opened the front door

Ignoring the woman at the desk

Who greeted her with eagerness

She waited until a door at the back of the room swung open

And pointed his gun at her first victim

Chapter 7

The chaos that ensued after that

Will always be a blur to her

She never did understand

How she was able to escape as quickly as she did

But by the time a crowd had gathered

She was already gone

And the screams of the woman that had greeted her

Were echoing through the streets

Chapter 8

She spent that first night

Huddled by a fire

Sitting alone in the dark

She thought of the night that she met him

A crowd of people gathered around a bonfire

And there he was

His dark eyes fixated on her

He tipped his hat and, from that moment on, she knew that she loved him

Chapter 9

The second night

She couldn't sleep

So she wandered back into town

Cautiously making her way through the dark street

Her eyes focused in on a house

The light of a candle dancing in a window

She watched as a man's figure

Paced impatiently around a room

Chapter 10

She walked toward the house

Until she was close enough to peer into the room

But safely hidden beneath the shadows

A closer look told her that this was someone she recognized

He was a friend

Someone she thought she could trust

He'd visited them often

But something within her told her to remain cautious

So she kept watching him

Until a plan formed inside her mind

Suspicious and curious

She waited for the right moment to strike

Chapter 11

On the third day, she snuck into his house

She planted herself in the corner of his bedroom at dusk

And she stood still as the night fell

Waiting for him to come home

It was way past sunset

When she heard the front door open

Then footsteps across the floorboards

She held her breath and clutched the gun

As his bedroom door swung open

She unveiled her gun in the still of the dark

Before he could make out her figure

She was already inching toward him, pointing the gun at his head

Chapter 12

She questioned him all night long

Searching him for answers

She threatened him until fear clouded his eyes

She held the gun so tight that her fingers ached

The stories he told her weren't familiar

They painted a different picture of the man that she loved

This man was more than just imperfect

But he was still hers

She was going to let him live

Until she caught a hint of satisfaction in his voice

As he recounted the reasons why her lover had fallen

And the reasons why she would never see him again

Chapter 13

The final stop in her journey

Brought her to a house that she'd never seen before

A house where criminals gathered

A house that she didn't belong in

She had been told that this house was the reason

The downfall of the man that she loved

And the man who had ordered his death

Was hiding somewhere within its walls

Chapter 14

Everyone mistook her for a man

She was in unfamiliar territory

Her heart raced inside her chest

But she was determined to finish the job

She didn't know how he looked

But she had a name

So she waited

And, when she finally heard that name being called, she held her breath

He was a tall, muscular figure

With dark, menacing eyes

His smile was threatening

His walk was haughty

She stalked him through the house like a cat

And then she snuck into an empty room behind him

Locking the door, she pointed the gun at the back of his head

And demanded to know why he had killed the man she loved

His answers were brutal

With no mercy, he recounted her lover's sins

Each statement like a dagger in her heart

He grinned at her - an evil, manipulative grin

He begged her to come to reason

To see that her lover was no saint

As her heart fluttered within her

She raised the revolver and fired three shots

Chapter 15

Soon after, she heard shouting

Followed by the sound of fists

Banging against the locked door

Demanding to know what was going on inside that small room

Her mind wandered back to that first night

The way the fire danced in his eyes

The way he stared at her

The way their eyes locked together

As she remembered the light of the fire in his eyes

Her eyes caught sight of a box of matches sitting on a desk in the room

She lit four, threw them on the ground

And then watched as the room filled with fire-

Chapter 16

No one knew what to expect

When the door unlocked

And the flames began to pour out of that little room

But they never expected to see her

They never expected to see a woman

Come trailing out of the flames

With a loaded gun

Aimed indiscriminately at everyone in sight

As far as she was concerned

Everyone was guilty

So everyone would pay

And no one would make it out this time except her

Chapter 17

Sometimes, revenge is a snake

It coils itself around its victim

Tightening until the blood flow stops

And the breath has been squeezed out

Other times, it's like a fire

Wild and unprejudiced

Striking everything it touches

Demanding the right to consume everything it faces