• Avianna Lemonier

Why Some Of My Books May No Longer Be Available For Purchase As Of July 25, 2022

Updated: Jul 27

When I first began my writing career, I started writing with the desire to honor God in every word and sentiment that I wrote.

Although that desire has not changed, my theology and my understanding of what I believe as a Christian and why I believe it has changed and my faith has matured and grown.

I am writing this post because I know that many people have been encouraged by the devotional books that I have written in the past and I do not want anyone to become concerned if some of those books are no longer available for purchase in the future.

Here is a quote on theology by R.C. Sproul that I find to be very thought-provoking:

No Christian can avoid theology. Every Christian is a theologian. Perhaps not a theologian in the technical or professional sense, but a theologian nevertheless. The issue for Christians is not whether we are going to be theologians but whether we are going to be good theologians or bad ones. A good theologian is one who is instructed by God.

I am by no means a perfect Christian, but sound theology is very important to me and I want that to be reflected in my writing as much as possible, so I am making the decision to pull several of the devotional books that I have written from the publishing platforms that they are currently available on because I feel that they do not accurately reflect the theological changes that have taken place in my faith over the past few years.

Thank you so much to every single person that has taken the time to read my work over the years. I am so grateful for each one of you and will continue writing to bring glory to God in every way that I can.

God bless you all. ❤️