• Avianna Lemonier

The Arrow

Updated: 6 days ago

I am the peace

That you forfeit

Walking along

Obscure roads

The chill in the air

Footsteps crunching

Against unsuspecting leaves

Trees dancing

Against the wind

Huddled together

In unity

The warmth

In a lover's eyes

Before betrayal

Sinks in

The words

Left hanging in the air

The calm

Before the storm

I am the body

Left for dead

The life

Taken for granted

The icy touch

Of fallen snow

The fluttering eyes

Seeing once again

I am the pain

That it takes

To walk


I am the fire

Against a face

Hidden in the shadows

I am the warmth

Of newfound courage

Nestled in

Unfamiliar textures

That become

A second home

I am the last arrow

In your bow

The last shot

For you to take

I am the satisfaction

Of surviving

In unwelcoming