Letters To A Lover III

Updated: Dec 30, 2021


As I stare into your eyes, I see a future waiting before me. I see a world of opportunity waiting at my feet, waiting to be claimed. My love, can't you see? You are the light at the end of my dock. You are the sunshine peeking past rain clouds that are angry and full.

I've waited to hold you. Climbed over mountaintops and made my way through muddy waters. This love didn't come to me easily. I fought for it. I fought to be at peace by your side. So, I'm going to cherish every minute that I get to spend gazing into your bright, sweet eyes.


Memories can come sweeping into my mind like waves that rush into my bedroom at night, covering my bed in tears and threatening to drown me in sorrow. I look back on even the happiest of memories and find that they have been distorted and trampled upon in some way.

So, this life that I want to build with you is my only hope. You are my rest after a long, tired journey. You are the shoulder that I long to lay my head on after being overwhelmed by the demands of this life.

You, my darling, are my peace. Peace like the sound of the wind as it rushes through the trees. You are kindness that shines down on me like the sun shines down on the world, illuminating the darkness. Your soul is like a mirror for mine. It shows me everything that I have ever wanted, everything that I have ever longed for. All my wildest dreams sitting within the heart of one man.


I've kissed many but loved very few. I've traced my hands across many patches of skin but, still, I've only ever been familiar with yours. Is it strange that I know that I have known love but never really understood it? It's as if I've tiptoed around it, looking over it, speaking with it - but, still, we are not familiar friends.

I think you are the only chance that I have to know real love as it was meant to be known. Brilliant and unbridled. Inextinguishable and completely consuming. So, perhaps, I should say that my innocence is still looming over my life like a blanket. Because I've known what it means to stand in front of a man. But I've never really seen into any man's heart the way that I see into yours.


Lay next to me and let's pretend that the entire world consists of nothing more than you and I. Let's create our own little world here. Tell me your secrets and I'll tell you my worst fears. I'll tell you about the stories that I made up as a child and you can tell me about all the moments that you spent wishing that you could grow up to be like your father.

The world is not a pretty place. It is filled with heartache and bad things happen to good people. But hope is not lost as long as we continue to build our own little world in the confines of this little space that we've made for ourselves.

We can't stop the world from turning. We can't stop pain from existing. But we can put our hands together and rebel against evil by pressing our foreheads together and pretending that the battle has already been won.


Tell me, what's hurt you more than anything else? What breaks your heart in the middle of the night? Show me where your scars are, and I'll do my best to help you heal them.

I'm so sorry that the world has not always been kind to you. I'm sorry if you've ever cried so much that the tears stopped flowing. I'm sorry that you've ever known anything other than unparalleled happiness. I can't take away your pain, but I can promise that I'll never be the reason that you suffer.

I can't erase the bad memories, but I can make brighter, happier ones with you. I love you and I want you to have the best that life can offer. I want to be your angel and fill your heart with good things. Whatever pain you knew before we met, take it and abandon it. It doesn't matter anymore. Not while I'm in love with you.


Why does the sun keep shining although it knows that the night is going to come and hide its shining figure from the waiting spectators that sit below it? Why do the birds continue to sing although they know that the wind may drown out the melodies in their beautiful voices? Because they are meant to.

And I am meant to love you the way that I do. I was born to caress you. To examine the colors in your eyes, to hold your hand the way that I do. I was made to love and adore you.

So, let me love you. Let me take my time counting the ways that I can show you what you mean to me. Let me wrap my life around yours and intertwine my purpose with your purpose. Let me give you the best that I can give you until our time on this earth is over.


I can picture it all with you. A home filled with things that we love. Children that have your eyes. Your hands fixing broken things and my hands making our home your hidden escape. I can see it all now. I can see the way that your eyes shine when you see me, after a long day.

I can hear the way that we laugh at the dinner table. All of it flashes before my eyes as I stand next to you. By pressing my hand against yours, I'm suddenly transported to a different world, a new reality.

I see myself, free of all the chains that I've carried over the years. I see myself genuinely happy with you. So, that's what I strive for. That's what I step forward for, every single day. For that hidden treasure that's waiting, just beyond this side of my life, with you.


Do you ever get tired of shining so brilliantly? Do you ever get tired of being the most vibrant presence in a room? I watch you when you interact with other people. I watch the way that your eyes gleam with each new face that you see. You don't know everyone that you come across, but you see everyone.

You look into eyes and you see more than just another human being. You see life and vitality. You have a way of making every human being that you encounter feel like they are worth something.

I don't know how you do it, but yours is a gift that I will forever be in awe of. My love, keep staring into eyes and seeing souls. Keep looking into faces and seeing hearts. You are so one of a kind and I wish that there were more of you in the world.


Show me your endless collection of flaws and I will embrace them as if they are made of gold. Show me the way that your mind twists and turns after a bad day and I will show you my worst habits.

I know that, when I see you, I seem to be staring at you with rose-colored glasses that are distorting my vision. But I know that you are only human. I understand how completely vulnerable you are to the flaws of humanity. But I love you, still, as if you were superhuman.

I love you as if your hands do not have scars lining them. I love you as if your eyes never grow black with anger. I see you as you are - a beautifully flawed human being and, yet, I love you as if those flaws were invisible. I would never ask you to be what you cannot be. I only ask that you love me as I deserve to be loved.

As long as our love remains safe and nourishing, I will take you just as you are.


Sometimes, when I hear your laughter, I think of all the beautiful things that God has blessed the world with. I think of flowers dancing against a spring breeze. I think of birds and their many melodies. I think of children playing and lovers sitting and talking for hours on end. I think of everything beautiful that keeps the world good and I sit it next to the joy that's embedded into your laughter.

You make living life a masterpiece. You make my world a playground. I look at you and I see a love that I never thought possible. I see happiness that always seemed to slip through my fingertips before.

You make me want to let go of all my fears and just be. You bring life to my darkness and playfulness to my sorrow. I love you for how you have colored my life in all the wonderful shades that I now know it to be in.