Letters To A Lover II

Updated: Dec 30, 2021


The other night, I dreamt that you picked me up at midnight to drive me to the beach so that we could watch the sunrise. We spent the early morning hours in the parking lot of your favorite diner, eating breakfast and talking about music. Then, we sped off into the darkness and drove to the nearest coast so that we could sit in each other’s arms and watch a new day begin. After that, we darted off into the ocean together, fully clothed, just so that we could say that we did.

My favorite part of loving you isn't the way that you bring me flowers or the way that you open doors. It's the lightheartedness of your love. You are so much more focused on living in the moment than you are on appearances. Sometimes, you turn to me and I see a boldness in your eyes that I haven't ever seen anywhere else. It entices me and it scares me. It makes me want to sit up, with my chin in the palm of my hand, waiting to see what happens next.

Please, my love, don't ever let the world change you. Stay right there. In that beautiful place that's stuck between safety and reckless abandon. Keep chasing after the moon. I promise I'll be right behind you wherever you go.


I was never one to seek out danger. I never thought it romantic to jump off of a cliff while holding hands with a stranger. But I love you enough to try it. I love the freedom in your spirit. The way your hair falls over your face when you're talking about something you love. The way your eyes glow with passion when you're looking at something that intrigues you.

I don't care what anyone says. I'll love you until the day that I die. And then, after that, I think my soul will continue to cherish the fact that you ever crossed my path in the first place. Hold my hand, and let's jump into galaxies together. Let's find our own moon, here on the earth. Wherever we go, let's go together.

I would hold a burning star in the palm of my hand if it meant that it would keep you warm. I'd stand on the sun just to keep your hands from getting cold. I'd give you anything, and everything, you needed if it meant that you would always keep that childlike glint in your eyes. Thank you for melting the ice around my heart. I appreciate what you've done with my tired soul.


The other day, I heard my favorite song and it reminded me of your heartbeat. It reminded me of the patterns in your breathing and the way that your chest rises and falls while you're asleep. You are so peaceful when your mind is far away and dreaming. It's almost unnerving. Your eyes close with such beautiful grace. That hint of a smile that lines your lips is almost heavenly.

You must have scores of angels watching over you. Your soul is too precious. You must be protected at all costs. You deserve nothing but sunshine and happy things. You deserve a heart that is free of worry and a smile that is always allowed to shine as brightly as possible. I want you to have a life that is peaceful. I want to be the sea that keeps your heart at ease.

On the day that we met, you smiled at me in a way that stopped me in my tracks. When your eyes met mine, they danced as if they knew some untold secret. As if God Himself was whispering in your ear and telling you to make me yours. Stay there. Keep those eyes that dance with blissful secrets. I love those eyes and everything they signify.


Where do you run when the monsters come? Where do you run when your worst nightmares are waiting at your doorstep? Can I go there with you? Take my hand. I won't tell a soul where it is. I'll sit with you until the sun comes back up. I'll run my fingers through your hair until you stop shaking with fear.

I can't promise that I can make your problems go away. But I can sit with you through the storm. I can cover you underneath my umbrella. I can hold you until the nightmares stop and your voice is no longer hoarse from screaming. I can cover your eyes when the world around us becomes too much for you to take in.

I'll never leave you. I wouldn't dream of it. I can keep you safe from the storm and I can walk with you through it. I can't make it all go away. But I can make sure that your heart never grows cold.


I wish I could tell you that my mind was as serene as a lake. I wish I could tell you that my thoughts never came rushing in like a hurricane. But I, my love, am not perfect. I am complex. So are you. There are winds inside of me that I cannot manage. There are floodwaters that burst into my heart that I cannot always contain.

But I love you. Loving me will, sometimes, be difficult. But the best things in life aren't always easy to have. Sometimes, your hands might be too full for you to hold on to me. On those days, remember the way that I love to look into your eyes. When the world around us becomes a battlefield and you are too angry to think about love, remember the way that my heartbeat feels while it's resonating through your ears.

I love you, flaws and all. So love me, imperfections and all. Never allow me to become your worst enemy. Always remember that I am, and always will be, your favorite lover. When your eyes lose their ability to see love, kiss me and you'll remember what it looks like again.


If we were on the run, I'd stay by your side until they dragged me away. I'd fight for every moment that I got to spend with you. I would never give up on us. I would never give up on this love. What is freedom without your fingertips tangled between mine? What is life if I don't get to spend my nights gazing into your eyes? If loving you was a crime, then I'd be guilty and nothing else.

I've already lived without you once. I remember what it was like not knowing that you existed in the world. Drifting between lovers who gave too little or nothing at all. I could never go back to that again. Not now that I know that there is a love that is capable of sparking flames within my fingertips.

I hope your mother is proud. I hope she knows that she raised a magnificent man. I'm glad that I'm yours and that you are mine. I'm glad that I never have to live without your love ever again.


Spend the holidays with me. Let's watch our favorite movies together and kiss underneath the mistletoe. Let's dance in snowflakes and watch the night sky. I want to kiss you underneath a freezing cold moon and hold hands with you as we watch the stars sparkle and shine.

Let's make memories together that last a lifetime. Take my hand and let’s create a brand-new world together. Let's escape there every night and keep it safely hidden in our hearts with a key that only we can find. Laugh with me like a child. Forget that we're adults for just one moment.

All I want is you sitting underneath my Christmas tree. I don't need anything else to make my year. You are the best gift that I could ever receive. You are the best thing that I could ever call my own.


We live in a cold, harsh world. But, in our little corner of the world, heaven is never too far away. When your heart is overwhelmed with bad news, lay in my arms until you forget why your soul is aching. If there's a battle you have to fight, let me know. I'll stand by you and fight until our side has won.

I'm yours in every way. I'd watch my fingers grow cold for you. I'd watch the colors of my skin turn black and blue. You are my compass. I know that you would never lead me astray. So I'll trust you even if it means following you through the dark.

Hold my hand and I'll match each step that you take. You are my North Star. You are the wind that carries me. Wherever you take me, I'll go without a second thought as to why.


There is a depth to your magnificence. The way that you speak is laced with elegance. The way you walk is enchanting. The way your hands move speaks volumes when you haven't even said a word. There is something about you that is just so irreplaceable.

It seems to me that I could spend decades searching for a man like you and never find him. So it's best that I stay here. It's best that I stay here with my head sitting on your chest. It's best that I keep my lips accustomed to kissing you and you alone. Because I'll be shockingly disappointed anywhere else.

What else could another man give me now that you've given me everything that I've ever wanted? No one else can compare. No one else even comes close.


When I was a little girl, I dreamed that I would marry Superman. Now, I realize that I don't want to fall in love with a superhero. I just want a man that will break open the prison doors with me and run with me to freedom. What good would it be to love a man that saved me without teaching me how to fight for myself?

What good would it be to spend my life waiting for a man to save me when I could fall in love with the man who would put a sword in my hand? You have done more to make me strong than anything else ever could.

Loving you is a grand adventure, and I will never get tired of riding off into the sunset with you.